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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

We definitely had a fun-filled weekend!  Knox attended his first birthday party, had his picture taken for Christmas cards and got to have a lazy Sunday of football with the Schuchs.

Kaylie was born 12 days before Knox, so her FIRST birthday party was this past weekend.  Kaylie's mom, Natalie, works with Keith, so that's how we know the Bolmon's.  Anywho, I was curious as to what Knox would do or how he would act.  Well, he had just a blast!  He had been around Kaylie when they were about 6 months old, at our Annual Memorial Day party, and he LOVED her then.  Well, time doesn't change this puppy love!  They just stood and grinned and giggled at each other.  They tried to hug, but it was more like bouncing and shaking each other.  So stinkin' cute!!!  The STILL love each other!  Other than loving on Kaylie, I think Knox throughly enjoyed seeing ALL the other people there.  Kaylie had tons of people there to help celebrate her first birthday.  Knox even helped Kaylie play with one of her toys.  As she was opening more gifts, Knox was trying out her pop-up toy--the same one he has at home that he just recently really started playing with.  So since the two love birds have so much fun playing together, I'm excited that they will be able to attend Knox's first birthday party!

Sunday morning, we decked Knox out in one of his studdly little outfits to attempt Christmas card pictures.  I say attempt, because the wild man won't sit still for anything!  The square in downtown McDonough has a sleigh attached to light up reindeer, oversized Christmas ornaments and a gigantic Christmas tree.  We had so much fun letting Knox run around ALL over the place, inspecting the ornaments and the giant tree.  I think I got 2/3 more pictures of the back of his head, than I did of the front.  I also had several pictures of just background due to the sheer speed of the wild man whizzing past the camera and my lack of keeping up.  :)  Thank goodness for continuous shoot, otherwise we won't have any decent pictures.  After 30-40 minutes of chasing Knox around, we headed over to Jeff and Bridgette's for a nice, lazy day of watching NFL.  We sat around eating yummy Mexican food Bridgette made, then made S'Mores in their real wood fireplace.  So cozy, with it turning into kind of a dreary day.

Oh and I forgot to mention that we started our Christmas decorating Saturday morning.  Keith almost has the lights on the house done and I finished the tree.  Knox was determined to take the ornaments off the tree as soon as I put them on, so I had to wait to naptime to finish.  He's much better now, but occasionally thinks the tree looks better with one less ornament.  :)  The tree mainly has ornaments on the top 2/3, but there are a few non-breakables at his arm's length.  He needs those few ones down there so he can learn NOT to take ornaments off everyone's tree that we see this year.  I'm thinking I'll wait until we get back from Turkey Day to attempt to set out anything else that he can reach.

The Lovebirds

See how he's grinning at her?!

She wore the shirt I made her! :)  Isn't she so cute in it?

Nat had a girl come in to do face painting.

Wild man by the tree

Wild man dwarfed by the giant tree!

See how fun the oversized ornaments are?


  1. Oh Lamm! Knox is adorable!!! Love, Caro

  2. thanks so much for letting us borrow your camera!! We will take good care of it, I promise!! By the way, we are still going to the library on Mondays and then Chick-fil-a afterwards. Join us the Monday after Thanksgiving if you can.