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Friday, November 14, 2008

Wonderful Friday Surprise

I had a wonderful surprise this morning.  As I was getting Knox and myself ready to walk out the door at 7:30am for his second round flu shot, I received a text message.  The text was from one of my college best friends, and freshman year roommate, Ingrid, of who(m) I have mentioned in a previous post.  (The genius who informed me that expired coupons were still accepted at most stores!)  She asked if I wanted company, and if so, to call.  Well, I couldn't dial quick enough!  She came over with her two youngest children.  The oldest, Noah, is already in kindergarten.  I can't believe he's that big!!!

It was a crazy fun!  The kids were everywhere, but playing together.  Knox loved being around both Eli and Libby.  On top of that craziness, I was putting up groceries (from a last minute trip to Publix as we were out for Knox's shot) AND talking to Ingrid.  We had a fabulous lunch of Scooby Doo mac & cheese (50¢ Kraft boxes at Publix!) with a side of applesauce (also on sale at Pubix!)  We even served it out of the pot!  I love that Ingrid and I go back to the days of college microwave meals made in our dorm room.  She also knows that I'm not the best housekeeper, and a baby just adds to the mess I already make.  I only had to apologize once, for the lack of clean house.  Picked up, but not clean.  Anywho, the kids decided to make a quick venture outside, in between rain showers.  No real mud puddles to deal with, so we let them run loose.  Below are the few pictures I managed to snap between pots of macaroni and diaper changes!  I loved getting to see our kids run around together!  I also can't get over how much Eli looks like Scott, and Libby definitely has her Mommy's pretty eyes!

Random side note--Tiffany and Baby Norah are doing wonderfully.  The Daily family should be back at home tomorrow.  I'll post pictures of the happy new family over the weekend!

Ingrid's youngest, sweet Libby

The middle child, and all boy, Eli

Eli didn't quite know what to think of the practice deer--he thought it was real at first!

The only chance and shot I managed to get of all three kiddos--Knox is almost as tall as Libby!

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