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Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick Update

So, here's a few things I wanted to share:

Thing number one is that Norah Katherine Daily arrived on November 13th.  She weighed in at a scale toppling 7lbs 10oz, and measured 19 3/4 inches.  I hear that Mommy Tiff and baby are doing great.  That's all I know, since I haven't talked to the Mommy yet (hint, hint Tiffy!!!)  But I know how all that goes, and we weren't as fortunate, as the Daily's, to have family close by to pop in for visits.  A random few pictures are at the bottom of this post.

Thing number two would be that Knox is FINALLY starting to try to clap!  YAY!  He was waving quite often about a month ago, but that seems to have tapered off.  Over the weekend, when he got excited over something, he'd smile his big squinty-eyed smile and start shaking his hands.  Keith would mirror Knox's actions in all his glorified goofiness, and Knox would do it again.  Once I started clapping and praising him, he started clasping his hands like a clap.  Today, while watching one of his Baby Einstein videos, he started clapping at a part when they sing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands."  It's so amazing to see things start to click in his precious little head, and to see how happy it makes him--and me for that matter!

Thing number three is that I have already started listening to Christmas music!  I know, I know.  But, I am the one that does start listening the day after Thanksgiving.  So, I found out today that XM/Sirius radio (on the TV) already has a station dedicated to Xmas music.  In my defense, Keith and I had already decided that we would have to start decorating for Christmas this coming weekend for the sheer fact that we don't have another weekend to get it done--next weekend is Turkey Day weekend, the following is Knox's BIRTHDAY weekend, then the weekend after that is the second weekend in December and it wouldn't be Christmas if we waited that late to decorate.  Besides, we'll be in AL/TN the third weekend, so it really would be too late.  Anyway, I feel justified, or at least like I'm not the only crazy person, since Keith attempted to get Knox to watch Polar Express two weekends ago (NOVEMBER 9th!), but I followed in his footsteps by watching Polar Express, Garfield Christmas and Claymation Christmas Sunday morning after Knox and I made pancakes while Daddy was hunting.  I have also seen many friends' status on Facebook that read something to the effect that they were decorating for Christmas over this past weekend.  So I'm not crazy.  Right?  :)

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  1. EEEK!! How exciting was it seeing him clap along??? I got excited just reading about it! I'm actually starting to get excited about Christmas too. Go figure. Lots to do before then!! BTW, do we get to come to Knox's b'day party???