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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Play Date

Knox and I were invited to have a play date over at Ada & Laura Beth's house today.  The kids played relatively well together, given their ages, but I think the play date might have been more for the benefit of the mommies.  :)  I guess everyone wins here!

There were no huge arguments between the two sweet little toddlers, but some slobber was exchanged in the sharing of sippy cups--at least no one is sick.  You can see in the pics that Ada loves Knox's green cup, and Knox the same for Ada's blue one.  So funny!  We had a wonderful time playing in general, and Knox only did his screech money impressionation (sp?) about four times, so that was great.  He played so well with Ada's toys, I guess since they are new to him.  They didn't try to take each other's toys but a few times.  The only "fight" they got in was when Knox scared Ada by knocking her down trying to give her hugs.  Sweet boy just doesn't know his own strength, especially when it comes to petite little Miss Ada!  :)

Thanks Ada and Laura Beth, for having us over!  We'll have to do that more often.  Knox was asleep before we hit the main road, and slept for 2 1/2 hours--unheard of in this household!


  1. we had so much fun too!! And I am glad Knox slept so well. Sweet Knox; he just wanted to hug Ada:)

    These pictures are great, Ashley. I love them!!

  2. this is the cutest little girl!