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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm on a Publix/Couponing HIGH!

I know I haven't spoken of my couponing and sale seeking adventures, but I have been at it full force.  I recently have been visiting a site called Southern Savers.  It's similar to Coupon Mom, but Southern Saver included links to printable coupons that aren't in the weekly paper.  I have only used this site for my Publix shopping trips the past two weeks, but I'm quite impressed with myself.

Last week I spent about $52 and saved a little over $80--$130 dollars worth of groceries for $52!!!  Today, we (Keith, Knox and I) ventured out to Publix together.  I had a Rite Aid coupon for $5 a total purchase of $20, which Southern Savers said that Publix would honor (Publix honors "all" competitors coupons).  Thanks to Southern Savers and my collection of coupons, I had a hefty stack o' coupons in tow.  Plus Publix had fabulous deals for the current week, so I knew that I would have a great saving day.  So, today's grand total spent was $43.10 and, drum roll please, total amount saved was $102.62!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you believe it???  $145 worth of groceries for $43!!!  I did have to haggle the manager to accept my Rite Aid coupon.  I had a similar coupon for CVS--$5 of $30 purchase, but he said that it was for a pharmacy purchase, which is not the case.  I had to read the fine print to him.  I didn't push my luck with the CVS one, but I did with the Rite Aid.  He also said that they weren't competitors, but I asked if he accepted Walgreens coupons for things like aluminum foil.  He said yes, if they are local.  Guess he doesn't drive to work or venture out of the store, since there is a Walgreens across the street and a Rite Aid in the Publix parking lot.  Don't know how much more local you can get than that.  Oh well.

I just can't quit looking at my sales receipt!!!  I was so giddy when I came out of the store and couldn't wait to report my savings to Keith and Knox.  (No surprise that Knox got fussy, so he and Daddy headed out to the truck to wait on me.)  I know there are people out there who put me to shame with their grocery savings, but I am just so proud of myself and I know that I will continue to save more the longer I'm in this "grocery game."

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  1. you inspired me! we started getting the paper as not to be "cut off from the world" when we gave up TV for Lent. I started clipping coupons last night! :D